Dogwood 'Tatarian'

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The Tatarian dogwood (Cornus alba) is an extremely hardy shrub known for its colorful winter bark. It is rarely planted as a solo specimen but is used as a border, mass, screen, or hedge plant in landscapes. If you are interested in growing Tatarian dogwoods, read on. We’ll give you information about the Tatarian dogwood bush and tips for Tatarian dogwood care.

The Tatarian dogwood bush has a rounded canopy. It produces multiple upright stems that never grow above 8 feet (2.5 meters) tall. The plant offers something of interest for every season. In early spring, the dogwood leaves emerge a soft, yellow-green. In late spring, the shrubs are covered with tiny, creamy, yellow flowers arranged in flat-topped clusters. These are followed by berries in summer that provides food for wild birds. In fall, the leaves blaze crimson and as the weather gets colder, the bare Tatarian dogwood bush stems turn blood red.

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