Crocosmia crocosmiiflora 'Lucifer'

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Crocosmia crocosmiiflora 'Lucifer'


Vibrant trumpet shaped flowers on arching stems with bold sword-like foliage.

Cousins to the gladiolus, these are hardy plants that produce clumps of green sword-shaped leaves, with tall, arching spikes of funnel-shaped blossoms appearing in mid to late summer. Several named varieties are now available, in a range of hot colours. This selection has brilliant flame-red flowers, and a tall habit. Outstanding cut flowers. Clumps should be divided every three years, in spring. Watch for spider mite and thrips on the foliage. In colder regions, the corms can be stored like gladioli, wintered in pots, or mulched heavily outdoors.

Plant Height: 44-48 Inches

Bloom Time:  Blooms Summer

Hardiness Zone:  5-9 

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