Cherry Tree - Montmorency (Sour)


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Montmorency is the most popular cherry tree in the United States! Without a doubt also the most flavorful and widely used for all culinary purposes. These cherries are quite distinct from sweet cherries in their appearance, and more importantly in their flavor. These cherries are prized not for their sweetness, but for their fantastic sour tasting notes! Their sourness allows the cherry flavor to be carried through baking and cooking, and melts together with sugars to produce a wide variety of perfectly balanced tasting notes. Perhaps unknown to most, Montmorency is typically the only choice in grocery stores for pie cherries and is also the preferred variety used for making maraschino cherries as well. A lesser known and amazing quality of this cultivar is that it will produce fruit up to three years sooner than any other sweet cherry tree! Montmorency trees also remain smaller in height and width than other cherries while also producing fruit sooner. If you're looking for a cherry tree to sooner produce fruit with infinite uses beyond just fresh eating, Montmorency is an excellent choice!

7gal container / Approx 6-7' tall

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