Blackberry - Rubus Watson 'Black Satin'

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Rubus Watson 'Black Satin'

Black Satin Blackberry boasts huge numbers of very flavorful, deep, dark purple / blackberries that are produced on THORNLESS, vinelike canes. Very heat tolerant, with a rapid growth rate.

First year canes are called primocanes - two year old canes are floricanes. the main difference being that Black Satin will produce fruit only on the floricanes (second year canes). They will produce in two year cycles, and therefore, it is recommended that any fruit bearing canes be pruned back to height of about 6" above soil level at the end of each season. 

  • Hardiness Zones : 5 - 8
  • Sun Exposure : Full to partial sun
  • Soil Preference : Average to slightly moist - acidic, well drained. Mulch & high organic content recommended.
  • Summer-bearer

1 gallon container

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