Bearded Iris - Innocent Star


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Bearded Iris

Iris germanica 'Innocent Star'

Upright spiky clumps support showy blooms.

Tall Bearded Iris are the giants of the late spring border, available in a rainbow of colours that blend to suit every colour scheme. This is a repeat-blooming type, the second round of blooms appearing in the autumn. Plants form a clump of green sword-shaped leaves, bearing upright stems with very large blooms. This selection has large and fragrant ruffled blooms of pure white. Choose a sunny position, with a well-drained, loamy soil. Bearded Iris are heavy feeders, so plan to fertilize in early spring, and again in late summer. Plants should be divided every 3 to 4 years, in August. Be on the watch for Iris borer. CAUTION: Harmful if eaten.

Bloom Time: Blooms late summer, Blooms late spring

Mature Height:  24-36 Inches
Hardiness Zone:  3-9 

Exposure: Full Sun



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