Bailey's Endless Summer Hydrangea Color Me Pink


SKU: BND56429

    • TURNS HYDRANGEAS PINK - One of the most beautiful traits of the hydrangea is the ability to change the color of the blooms. This product gives you the ability to produce pink hydrangea blooms by adding the natural minerals changing acidic plant soil to alkaline.
    • INCREASES SOIL PH - For amazing pink blooms on your hydrangeas, pH should be in the range of 6.5 and 7.5. Color Me Pink helps increase soil pH into this range. We recommend using a soil tester for an accurate soil reading before application.
    • DESIGNED FOR HYDRANGEAS - Product was specifically created to help make your garden soil more alkaline in order to turn your hydrangeas pink. It is meant to be used as a soil additive only. Not recommended for use as a fertilizer substitute.
    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Contains calcium carbonate 90%, which helps increase soil pH.

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