Asclepias syriaca


SKU: PER12-Asclepias Syriaca

Common Milkweed

Height: 2-4ft

Spread: 1ft

Light: Full Sun to part Sun

Bloom Color: Pink

Zone: 4-9

Size: 1 gal


A very robust, resilient variety of milkweed, ideal as a host and nectar plant for Monarch butterflies. This native classic is best known as a food of larval monarch butterflies (along with its cousins A. incarnata and A. tuberosa). Robust, yet beautiful with deep pink clusters of fragrant flowers in June and July followed by lovely pods of silky seeds in October. To avoid reseeding remove seedpods before they full ripen. This milkweed is ideal for filling in an area as it spreads via underground roots.

Common Milkweed is the plant most people think of when they hear the word “milkweed.” Asclepias syriaca thrives in almost any well-drained soil, and produces a profusion of lavender to pink flowers in midsummer. The sweet scented flowers attract and benefit a plethora of pollinators. Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on all plants in the Asclepias genus and their caterpillars feast on the leaves, stocking up for the day when they will become butterflies.

This milkweed grows best in full sun and average to well-drained soil with no irrigation. Fertilizer will accelerate growth, but is not necessary for optimal performance. It is an excellent component of a native meadow or butterfly garden and will tolerate extreme conditions such as a west facing slope.