Planters, Hanging Baskets & Flower Pouches

During the growing season, Pesche’s creates lush, blooming hanging baskets, planters and flower pouches ready to compliment your porch or patio with the color and fragrance of summer. Hanging baskets and planters are also perfect for those problem spots where planting is not feasible, such as areas with lots of tree roots, very acidic soil (under pine trees) or plenty of shade.

Our Flower Pouches are perfect for both gardeners and non-gardeners! Nothing is easier – just hang it on any wall or hanger for 20” of sparkling color! Flower Pouches need less watering than regular hanging baskets, can be hung anywhere, and bring low-maintenance color to any setting. Transform your balcony into a lush vertical garden, add color to your lamppost; place one right by your front door or on either side of your garden gate. The possibilities are endless!