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Pesche’s Garden Help Desk is full of helpful articles to make your plants look their best. Whether you’re looking to go organic, or starting your seeds in the house, Pesche’s Garden Help Desk is the place to start. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you with your questions. Visit our Garden Center’s Help Desk today to speak with one of our experienced horticulturalists and see other resources. Check out our collection of Information Resource Guides that you can view and download. Keep up with events, news and promotions by signing up to our Newsletter.

Citrus Care Guide

Citrus Care Guide (Lemon, Lime, Orange, Calamondins) Dwarf Citrus trees can make very attractive container plants and kept at manageable sizes. In the Chicago area, Citrus plants can be moved outside on a patio or apartment balcony in the summer, but MUST brought indoors when outside temperatures get below 55 degrees. Container & Soil: The container must be large enough to give the citrus room to grow, however make sure there are sufficient holes in…

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Seed Starting Basics

Starting Seeds Indoors Vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant need a long warm growing season to produce a good harvest. In the Chicago area, it is best to start these seeds in early March. Containers and trays: Almost any container can be used to start seeds such as milk or egg cartons, yogurt cups, or plastic trays. When reusing any container, it should be clean and sanitized in a 1:9 bleach:water solution. Put holes…

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March Gardening

We all know this winter has been long and drawn out. You’re probably more than ready to get going on gardening. Be patient and do not work in your planting beds if the soil is wet! Working wet soil causes compaction and closes vital air pockets. The hard work you put into loosening our local clay soil will be ineffective. Wait until you can form a fist around a hand full of soil. Tap the…

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Gardener’s Start Your Seeds!

Expand your gardening horizons and grow your plants from seed. Seeds offer the gardener some much for so little! Seed starting is a fun and rewarding activity that you’ll look forward to every winter! Indoor plant propagation provides a valuable learning experience for the whole family. Have fun with some competition. Who can grow the ‘Awesome Tomato’ or the ‘Great Pumpkin’? Growing your own from start to finish offers substantial savings. You’ll be able to…

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