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Pesche’s Garden Rx is full of helpful articles to make your plants look their best. Whether you’re looking to go organic, or starting your seeds in the house, Pesche’s Garden Rx is the place to start.

Citrus Care Guide

Citrus Care Guide (Lemon, Lime, Orange, Calamondins) Dwarf Citrus trees can make very attractive container plants and kept at manageable sizes. In the Chicago area, Citrus plants can be moved outside on a patio or apartment balcony in the summer, but MUST brought indoors when outside temperatures get below 55 degrees. Container & Soil: The container must be large enough to give the citrus room to grow, however make sure there are sufficient holes in…

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Attracting Beneficial Insects

Predator insects offer a natural alternative to pesticides. The listed plants will help deter pests and attract natural predators. A mix of these plants provides habitat and alternative food sources many predators require. Predator insects and parasites remain on certain host plants so avoid pesticides. When your plantings mature you’ll be able to observe the “Good Guys’ at work. Pest Insect & Predator Pest Insect Predator Insect Aphids Aphidius Aphids Aphidoletes Thrips, spidermites, fungus gnats…

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June Gardening

Container plants can dry out quickly in the hot windy days of summer. Soil Moist is a polymer designed to reduce plant watering. It absorbs water similar to a sponge, when the soil dries; the stored water is released to the soil over an extended period of time. Safe to use on all plants, Soil Moist will reduce watering by 50% and last several seasons. To control powdery mildew on perennial Phlox and Monarda…

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Beneficial Nematodes – Garden & Lawn Pest Control

What are they? Beneficial Nematodes are very small worms found naturally in our soil and other habitats and they remain effective for about two years. For the average homeowner, or organic gardener, Beneficial Nematodes offer the greatest value when it comes to biological control due to the wide variety of pests they control and the ease of getting great results. Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic and live below the soil surface and like a moist environment….

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