Pesche’s introduces our latest, most exciting adventure. We have a created a miniature universe, a landscape thriving with little creatures that float, fly, dream and inspire.

My Fairy Gardens is a magical place, a store where you can be inspired to dream and create miniature landscapes created using small-scale plants and accessories. These little scenes create a sense of magic and whimsy, and are essential for attracting those little elusive fairies to your home and garden. Fairy gardens are becoming increasingly popular in the home garden.

Creating a fairy garden is easier than you think! The most important factor in creating a miniature fairy garden is to believe in the magic of fairies. After that, everything will fall into place naturally.

A fairy garden can be any size or shape ranging from sprawling gardens to a tiny flower pot. The main ingredients you need to create a fairy garden? Imagination, creativity and a pinch of time and you’ll have a mesmerizing unique fairy garden before you know it!

Stop in at Pesche’s Garden Center to experience the magical world in person or visit our online shop: We are glad to welcome you to the world of Fairy Gardening!