If you are looking for an exotic potted plant, step into our Conservatory! Beautiful live plants, such as Bromeliads, Mother fern, ZZ palms can be found here year round, and are available individually or in exquisite garden baskets, terrariums, cactus gardens, and more

Go Green! with air purifying, oxygen producing house plants such as English ivy, Chinese evergreen, bamboo palm, snake plant (mother–in–law’s tongue), and several types of dracaena, including marginata, corn plant, and Janet Craig.

We carry a wide selection of blooming and green plants year around. With blooming and green plant varieties changing weekly please call for availability.

Visit our Seasonal Tropical Greenhouse outside for larger plants and exotics to create your own personal paradise.

If your houseplants have grown out of their containers or you want a new look or style bring in the plants, we’ll be glad to help! Our expert staff will assist you selecting new pottery from our huge assortment and professionally do the transplanting for you.

Need help with pests and diseases? Bring in a leaf sample in a sealed bag and you’ll get a correct diagnose of the problem using the aid of a digital microscope, and we’ll prescribe a treatment. We offer both organic/natural and conventional curatives.