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Every garden has its share of wildlife; some are invited, others have a habit of just dropping in and crashing the party!  No matter if you are interested in encouraging or discouraging them; Pesche’s Wild Bird Center has the products and resources you need. We know that you didn’t intend your veggie garden to be a Bunny Buffet, nor was your bird feeder and bird seed for the squirrels. When you stop by, we’ll help get your guest list back on track.

Complete selection of birdhouses, feeders, and seed.

  • Cardinal, Bluebird & Finch Feeders
  • Pine Tree Farms Suet, Nuggets and Baskets
  • Droll Yankee Feeders
  • Hummingbird & Oriole Feeders & Nectar
  • Wide Variety of Wild Bird Seed, including No Waste
  • Nature Creations Handmade Bird Houses
  • Squirrel Proof Feeders
  • Bird Baths