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Bromeliads - A Taste of the Tropics!
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Roses are the most iconic of all flowers, symbolizing not only love and romance, but also the sheer perfection of the natural world. Having captured hearts and minds with that indescribable fragrance and their exquisite beauty, gardeners are prepared to invest a little extra care and effort into these plants, as the rewards they receive are priceless.

Location and Care

When selecting hardy rose bushes, first consider placement or garden positioning. Will the mature plant have the space it deserves to reach mature size? Keep in mind that as a hardy shrub, a rose plant takes three years to reach mature size. All roses require at least six hours or more of direct sunlight everyday. 

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Climbing Roses

With prickly, arching, stiff stems these roses are vigorous growers. The foliage is often dense, glossy, dark green. Keep in mind that these are not true vining plants.

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English Roses

A shrub rose with prickly, sturdy stems that produce fragrant re-blooming flowers. Often used as a flowering hedge, it fans out, blooming from the bottom to the top. Removing spent blooms will provide up to three or four flushes of flowers each season.

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Floribunda Roses

A classic everblooming rose selection with free branching prickly stems. The medium sized, oval foliage is dark green. The clustered blooms are large and produced throughout the season.

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Grandiflora Roses

A shrub rose which tends to bloom in clusters. Some varieties are derived from a cross between a hybrid tea and a floribunda rose. The foliage is glossy to matte, mid to dark green.

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Groundcover Roses

These vigorous low growing plants are considered disease resistant. With a profusion of blooms in mass planting they provide an excellent soil cover. The foliage is glossy and medium in size.

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Hybrid Tea Roses

This is the largest collection of rose plants. Many varieties are sold under the category of hybrid tea, read labels carefully to make the best selection. These are large shapely plants producing one flower per stem.

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