Perennial plants grow back from their roots each spring for many years. Once rooted, perennials offer years of enjoyment for minimal maintenance. We offer the best selection of perennials in the Chicagoland area. Our potted perennials range in size from 3” pots to gallon and 2-gallon containers.

Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses provide year-round interest, from their delicate, waving blades and flowering plumes to their seasonal colors, and are perfect companions for woody and herbaceous perennials, such as shrub roses and Sedum “Autumn Joy”. Grasses are also exceptional additions to home-gathered flower arrangements. We carry the widest variety of ornamental grasses in the area!

Selecting your perennial plants is easy with the Plants That Work® collection. Just look for the appropriate label color – yellow for sun and green for shade. The pot labels will tell you about each plant, including appropriate light conditions for best growth, average height and width, how far to space each plant, water, soil needs, and Cold Hardiness Zone.