Easy for anyone to grow, annuals are the workhorses of the garden. Meant to be replaced yearly, annual plants live for only one growing season, during which they produce seeds and then die. We have planted over 60 varieties of annuals that will bring a splash of color to any garden.

During the growing season, we create lush, blooming hanging baskets, planters and flower pouches ready to compliment your porch or patio with the color and fragrance of summer. Hanging baskets and planters are also perfect for those problem spots where planting is not feasible, such as areas with lots of tree roots, very acidic soil (under pine trees) or plenty of shade.

See what is new & now popping up at Pesche’s! With fresh product arriving daily, you are sure to find your old-time favorites and a great new selection for 2017!  See our selection of hanging baskets and Proven Winners. We also have a large variety of 4″ pots. Mix and match your annual flats!

Large selection of pre-made ready to go containers! Custom made to your personal taste with so many combinations available.

Our selection is constantly changing, but we regularly stock the following annuals in packs, flats, pots and baskets.