Garden Rx

Pesche’s Garden Rx is full of helpful articles to make your plants look their best. Whether you’re looking to go organic, or starting your seeds in the house, Pesche’s Garden Rx is the place to start.

January Gardening

Create a garden calendar for 2017. Make note of new plantings, pest or disease problems, successes or failures. You’ll find it not only fun but very useful for future reference. Include photos of before and after. When the winter wind whips you can enjoy thoughts of spring greenery! Get into the Spirit of Spring Gardening Fresh seeds for 2017 from Livingston Seed Company and Botanical Interests have arrived, including many heirloom and organic varieties. Spring is…

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Awesome Amaryllis

Beautiful, huge flowers with stately foliage make Amaryllis the perfect addition to your holiday décor. Hardy, fun to grow and with the proper care, the bulb will flower from year to year. Amaryllis will bloom in 6 to 10 weeks from the time it is potted and watered. Netherlands Bulb Company has supplied our garden center with a super selection of amaryllis varieties in sizes 26+cm (diameter of bulb) to the awesome 40+ cm size….

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House Plant Pests in Winter

Uugghh! Bugs! Did you have your houseplants outside this summer? Did you bring any new plants home? Did you re–pot any plants recently? This cold winter our customers are bringing in an abundance of houseplant leaf samples with various insect problems. Homes that lack humidity create favorable environments for insects like spider mites. Inspect your houseplants for insects! Check your plants over with a magnifying glass. Thoroughly look over the undersides of leaves and branch…

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