Garden Rx

Pesche’s Garden Rx is full of helpful articles to make your plants look their best. Whether you’re looking to go organic, or starting your seeds in the house, Pesche’s Garden Rx is the place to start.

Seed Starting Basics

Starting Seeds Indoors Vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant need a long warm growing season to produce a good harvest. In the Chicago area, it is best to start these seeds in mid-March. Containers and trays: Almost any container can be used to start seeds such as milk or egg cartons, yogurt cups, or plastic trays. When reusing any container, it should be clean and sanitized in a 1:9 bleach:water solution. Put holes in…

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May Gardening

BONIDE WEED BEATER ULTRA kills Creeping Charlie, Ground Ivy and over 200+ tough broadleaf weeds in your lawn, without damaging the turf. Visible results in 24 hours and it’s safe to reseed in 2 weeks. Ultra is rain fast once dry and works in cool weather down to 45 degrees. As the weather warms up it’s time to move plants like Hibiscus and citrus, etc. outside. Place the plants in a part shade area for…

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Gardener’s Start Your Seeds!

Expand your gardening horizons and grow your plants from seed. Seeds offer the gardener some much for so little! Seed starting is a fun and rewarding activity that you’ll look forward to every winter! Indoor plant propagation provides a valuable learning experience for the whole family. Have fun with some competition. Who can grow the ‘Awesome Tomato’ or the ‘Great Pumpkin’? Growing your own from start to finish offers substantial savings. You’ll be able to…

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Caring for Your Houseplants

My houseplants seem a little weak after this winter. What should I be doing now? With the longer daylight periods it’s time to bring your houseplants out of their winter resting period. Are the roots coming out of the drain holes? Does the plant wither a day after watering? Is the new growth stunted or yellowed? If so, it’s repotting time! Select a pot a few sizes larger and deeper. Start with a good quality…

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Jump Start Your Summer Bulbs

Summer bulbs from Netherland Bulb Company arrive in March! The Netherland Bulb Company supplies us with quality bulbs in sizes that are very impressive; Cannas and Dahlias are 25% larger than average. Size counts, larger bulbs mean healthier plants with bigger, robust flowers. March is the time to get a jump start on your summer bulbs. Elephant ears, Cannas, Callas and Dahlias (all summer bulbs) can be started indoors 6-8 weeks prior to our last…

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Beneficial Nematodes – Garden & Lawn Pest Control

What are they? Beneficial Nematodes are very small worms found naturally in our soil and other habitats and they remain effective for about two years. For the average homeowner, or organic gardener, Beneficial Nematodes offer the greatest value when it comes to biological control due to the wide variety of pests they control and the ease of getting great results. Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic and live below the soil surface and like a moist environment….

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Tips for Natural Lawn Care

  Jonathan Green Organic Weed Preventer Do a soil test to determine what natural amendments your lawn requires. determine what amendments your planting beds need.  Soil Test Kits by LusterLeaf provide 10 tests for pH, and Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash are available in our garden center. Our expert staff will assist you in selecting the proper organic/natural fertilizer. We recommend fertilizing 4 times a year when first using natural/organic fertilizers. Here’s a easy to remember schedule:…

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